DocSpot has now officially flown the nest and moved onto bigger, better things.

A Message FromDocSpot:
A huge thank you to each and every one of our customers – your loyalty kept us going through thick and thin.
We still exist… but you won't find us here!

DocSpot has been acquired by PeopleTM– the most ambitious HR system known to mankind. As part of the rehousing project, PeopleTMhas assured all the DocSpot templates that they'll be given good homes:

Do you work in HR? Move your HR management over to PeopleTM and rediscover all of your favourite DocSpot templates completely free of charge today.

Business Success Toolkit

Not every business owner or entrepreneur has the resources to draft up from scratch the countless legal documents, purchase orders, admin forms and promotional materials needed to get business moving. But there's no need to feel frustrated; The Business Success Toolkit cuts out the hassle of 'paperwork-hell' and jumpstarts your operations, bypassing the chaos of keeping your documents up-to-date and under control, and letting you concentrate on building your business.

166 Essential Documents for Businesss

People Management

Spend time on people, not paperwork

Managing a workforce requires a heap of paperwork. Purchasing this package unlocks access to the documentation needed to deal with all things staff-related, including the most basics like 'hiring and firing', as well as the more advanced such as payroll,retirement and disciplinary procedures.

People Management


Give your sales department an instant advantage

Your sales department can make or break it for you. With templates covering everything from your initial marketing plan and internal commission structures through to telemarketing scripts and promotional letters, your sales department will be driving sky-high profits in no time.

Customer Service

Provide effortlessly effective customer service

Using these templates as a starting point for handling a huge range of customer service scenarios, you'll find everything you need to easily customise a large database of documents to help you with complaint handling, feedback, retentions and more.

Customer Services


Manage your money without the admin worry

Whether you need to write out a service contract, chase up an outstanding balance or even correct an erroneous invoice, you'll find this package bursting with documents that are often complicated to create, yet paramount to balancing your books.

Business Planning

Get your business going

From drafting your very first business plan right through to developing sales scripts and quality checklists, this package provides you with the solid platform needed to successfully launch a business without missing a step.

Business Planning